Time Management Issues?


Diagnosis Hurry Sickness!

Multi-Tasking? High stress levels? Do you constantly face an ever-growing to-do-list?

Problems to focus and concentrate? Trouble finding sleep? Constant feelings of impatience and dissatisfaction?

Honestly, does any of this ring a bell?

Psychologists Diane Ulmer and Leonhard Schwartzburd diagnose cases of constant inner restlessness and self-imposed time pressure as a condition known as hurry sickness.

With this questionnaire you can diagnose you time managment and handling. Let me know how you´re doing. I made it to eight honest checkmarks, which gives me hope that I´m not a terminal, real hurry sickness case.

Questionnaire to Establish Your Time-Related Behaviour preview

Questionnaire to Establish Your Time-Related Behaviour

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