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Why just search restaurant one after the other for the next culinary kick when you can make the most unconventional experience of your next dinner? Everybody can go to a restaurant, but consider these guerilla cooks, social or secret dinner clubs and pop-up kitchens for your next meal that will not only supply you with delicious food and drinks but also satisfy the foodie within you. Plus, you might be seated across or next to like-minded friends you just haven’t met yet!

Secret Dinners and Dinner Clubs in Vienna

Here’s what the city has to offer in the dining off the beaten path category.

The Dining Room of Angelika Apfelthaler was the first secret dining event established in Vienna and has grown to quite some popularity since Travel&Leisure voted it amongst the 10 best secret dining experiences worldwide.

Eschi Fiege’s Secrect Diner is only open for max. 12 invited guests and their chaperonage, although Eschi has been known to make rare exceptions and include particularly friendly emailers to her invitation list and the dinners in her kitchen. Lately, Eschi offers lunch to those who know where to look for the “Lunch is served”-signal, a tablecloth hanging from her window.

Find more on the best-kept culinary secrets and venues over at TEDxVienna`s Blog.

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